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Property sale – when to instruct your solicitor

07 Jan, 2016


There are always certain items that can hold up the sale of a property. A purchaser may be waiting on loan approval; selling their own property etc however what can be avoided or at least minimised is delay on the side of the vendor.

The most common delays on the side of the vendor are:

  • Taking up title deeds from a bank
  • Locating title deeds if not with a bank
  • Issues regarding planning/ Architects certificates
  • Up to date receipts re charges / taxes
  • With an apartment, replies to multi unit development act queries
  • Obtaining BER certificates
  • Title issues

If a vendor instructs their solicitor as soon as they put the house on the market, a solicitor will be able to deal with the majority of the above quite swiftly. The ultimate aim is to avoid a time gap between going sale agreed with a purchase and issuing contracts. If a solicitor is instructed in ample time, they can have contracts for sale prepared and ready to be sent once the property is sale agreed.

Furthermore, if it is discovered that there is an issue on title that needs to be rectified, early instruction of your solicitor on the sale of a property, allows the solicitor to rectify the problem and again minimising any delay that may otherwise be incurred after the property is sale agreed. It also serves to minimise the risk of a purchaser pulling out due to any such issues.